ICO Calendar
We’ve combed through over 250 ICOs and distilled the list down to the top ICOs presented in the calendar below. Full column descriptions can be found at the bottom of the page.
Quick-key:    NEXT = Next date | FLIP = Flip score | INVEST = Invest score | P-START = Presale Start | REG. = Registration Required | START = Public Sale Start | LCKD = Est. fund lockup | TECH = Technology Score
Column Definitions
Note about dates: All dates are based on the UTC time zone. They are also provided on a “best-effort” basis, given that the details of token sales can change very quickly over time. If you have a strong interest in a specific project we recommend that you subscribe to the e-mail list or slack channel for the project as early as possible, and check in with those resources frequently to make sure that you don’t miss any important dates or events.
Project: The name of the company or project selling tokens.

Description: Description of the project.

Next: The next date on which there is an actionable event related to a token sale. Actionable events can be white-list registrations, pre-sales, or main token sale start dates.

Score: This is a weighted average of the “Tech”, “Team” and “Buzz” scores described to the right. It is ICO Intel’s best estimate of how successful the project will be, based upon our research. It should not be taken as investment advice.

Tier: ICO Intel gives every project a tier rating from 1-3 which is meant to convey at a high-level the legitimacy and strength of the project. Tier 1 projects are prominent projects with an interesting technology idea, strong development momentum and an impressive team. Tier 2 projects are those that appear to be legitimate projects, but are either very weak in one or more areas, or simply less solid across the board. Tier 3 projects are those that appear to be either scams, or are simply very weak in most or all areas that we analyze. For the convenience of our users, we have removed Tier 3 projects to a separate page “Low Quality ICOs”, which is accessible as one of the options under the “ICO Database” menu above.

Cap: The total expected market cap (in USD) of the project based upon the pricing of the new tokens. Note that this can be less than the total amount of capital raised if all tokens are not being sold in the initial token offering.

$: The percent of total outstanding tokens expected to be offered in the initial coin offering.

pStart: The start date of any pre-sale of tokens that may be taking place before the main ICO. Not all projects offer pre-sales.

pEnd: The end day of any pre-sale.

pRaise: The amount (in USD) expected to be raised in the pre-sale.

Reg: Whether any pre-registration is required by an investor to buy tokens in the main token sale.

rStart: The first possible date to do any pre-registration or get on any white-list that may be required to buy into the main token sale.

rEnd: The last possible date to do any required pre-registration.

Start: The start date of the token sale (in UTC time).

UTC: The start time of the token sale (in UTC time). We remind you that ICO start times change frequently, so if you have a strong interest in a project you should check the project’s web site frequently in the days leading up to the token sale.

End: The end date of the token sale (in UTC time).

Lckd: A guess at how long any invested capital will be “locked up” for (in weeks), between the end of the token sale and the time that the tokens are listed on a major exchange. This information is an estimate only, and is provided as a BEST GUESS, based on any data provided by the project. It provides no guarantee, and in reality a token may take much longer to be listed on an exchange, or may never be listed at all.

Tech: ICO Intel’s best estimate of how strong the project’s technology is, based upon any development that has been done and any white paper that the project has provided.

Team: ICO Intel’s best estimate of the strength of the project’s team, based upon publicly available information.

Buzz: ICO Intel’s best estimate of the strength of buzz around the project, based on social media and traditional media articles.

DISCLAIMER: We are not investment advisors, and none of the above data, ratings, or scores should be considered investment advice. This information is provided purely for research and educational purposes.