Gems: Decentralized Microtasks Platform

The Gems ICO is getting a lot of hype (with good reason) and with the proof of caring requirement there are already lots of articles on the basics of the project. So, I’ll assume you understand the project and the sale details. For this review, I’ll dive right in to its strengths and weaknesses and my high level thoughts on the project.

The team is ultra talented, if young and small. The advisors are world class. Its an intuitive use of blockchain and the hype is real. The project is at an early stage. Thus, Gems should be a great flip project but harder to call on long term prospects. I personally like them.

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ICO Returns Are Cooling

ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings) are very alluring. Investing in a promising blockchain project at its inception certainly makes me salivate. “What if this is the next Ether?” is the question ICO investors ask themselves with exciting protocols. Beyond the fun of playing VC and evaluating an early stage project (“Vitalik’s an advisor!” “This whitepaper is amazing.”), the returns on ICOs have been truly phenomenal. But are they still?

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BLOCKv ICO Review: The Blockchain Interface Moment

BLOCKv is a protocol for the creation of smart objects on a blockchain, digital goods that combine code with multimedia elements to create interactive user experiences. The protocol may represent the  interface moment for blockchain technology. As of this writing, the buzz doesn’t match the potential of this ICO, but it’s possible that by the time V tokens hit exchanges, more people will have learned about this exciting protocol and demand will spike.

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Aion ICO Review: The Third Generation Network

Project Overview:


Aion hopes to develop a federated blockchain network, making it possible to seamlessly integrate dissimilar blockchain systems in a multi-tier hub-and-spoke model, similar to the internet.

While the technology is interesting and the Aion team has extensive experience in the space, the total maximum cap for the token sale is quite high at around $425M, which may significantly limit investor interest.

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